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ACT-America: Publications

ACT-America Running Publication List
(arranged alphabetically by year)

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Submitted / In Review

Baier et al., Flask multispecies tracer analysis, summer 2016 and winter 2017. Submitted to JGR-Atmospheres.

Barkley et al., Emissions of methane from the Gulf states. Submitted to JGR-A.

Butler, Martha, Thomas Lauvaux, Sha Feng, Junjie Liu, Kevin Bowman, and Kenneth Davis, Mass-conserving coupling of total column CO2 (XCO2) from global to mesoscale models: Case study with CMS-Flux inversion system and WRF-Chem (v3.6.1), Submitted to Geophysical Model Development.

Feng et al., Construction of a multi-model CO2 ensemble for N. America. Submitted to JGR-A.

Feng, Sha, Thomas Lauvaux, Klaus Keller, Kenneth J. Davis, Peter Rayner, Tomohiro Oda, Kevin R. Gurney, A road map for improving the treatment of uncertainties in high-resolution regional carbon flux estimates. Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters.

Pal, Sandip, Kenneth J. Davis, Thomas Lauvaux, Edward V. Browell, Brian J. Gaudet, David R. Stauffer, Michael D. Obland, Yonghoon Choi, Josh P. DiGangi,
Sha Feng, Bing Lin, Natasha L. Miles, Rebecca M. Pauly, Scott J. Richardson, and Fuqing Zhang. Greenhouse Gas Changes across Summer Frontal Boundaries
in the Eastern United States, submitted to J. Geophysical Research – Atmospheres.

Zhou, Williams et al., Creation of a calibrated ensemble of biogenic CO2 fluxes. Submitted to JGR-B.


Barkley, Z. R., T. Lauvaux, K. J. Davis, A. Deng, A. Fried, P. Weibring, D. Richter, J. G. Walega, J. DiGangi, S. H. Ehrman, X. Ren, R. R. Dickerson, Estimating
methane emissions from underground coal and natural gas production in southwestern Pennsylvania. Geophysical Research Letters. 46,

Chen, Hans W., Fuqing Zhang, Thomas Lauvaux, Kenneth J. Davis, Sha Feng, Martha P. Butler, and Richard B. Alley, Characterization of Regional-Scale CO2 Transport Uncertainties in an Ensemble with Flow-Dependent Transport Errors.
Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 4049-4058.

Chen, Hans W., Lily N. Zhang, Fuqing Zhang, Kenneth J. Davis, Thomas Lauvaux, Sandip Pal, Brian Gaudet, and Joshua P. DiGangi, Evaluation of Regional CO2 Mole Fractions in the
ECMWF CAMS Real-Time Atmospheric Analysis and NOAA CarbonTracker Near-Real-Time Reanalysis With Airborne Observations From ACT-America Field Campaigns, Journal of Geophysical Research : Atmospheres, 124.

Díaz-Isaac, L. I., Lauvaux, T., Bocquet, M., and Davis, K. J.: Calibration of a multi-physics ensemble for estimating the uncertainty of a greenhouse gas atmospheric transport model,
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 5695-5718,

Kostinek, J., Roiger, A., Davis, K. J., Sweeney, C., DiGangi, J. P., Choi, Y., Baier, B., Hase, F., Groß, J., Eckl, M., Klausner, T., and Butz, A.:
Adaptation and performance assessment of a quantum and interband cascade laser spectrometer for simultaneous airborne in situ observation
of CH4, C2H6, CO2, CO and N2O, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 1767-1783,, 2019.


Díaz-Isaac , Liza I., T. Lauvaux, K.J. Davis: Impact of physical parameterizations and initial
conditions on simulated atmospheric transport and CO2 mole fractions in the US Midwest.
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 14813-14835,, 2018.

Schuh, Andrew, Andrew R. Jacobson, Sourish Basu, Brad Weir, David Baker, Kevin Bowman, Frédéric Chevallier, Sean Crowell, Kenneth J. Davis, Feng Deng,
Scott Denning, Liang Feng, Dylan Jones, Junjie Liu, and Paul Palmer (2019). Quantifying the Impact of Atmospheric Transport Uncertainty on CO2 Surface
Flux Estimates. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 33,


Barnes, Elizabeth, Parazoo, Nicholas, Orbe, Clara, Denning, Scott A.: Isentropic transport and the seasonal cycle amplitude of CO2., JGR Atmos.,
vol. 13, 8106-8124,

Data Sets

(a more complete list is hosted at ORNL)

Davis, K.J., M.D. Obland, B. Lin, T. Lauvaux, C. O’Dell, B. Meadows, E.V. Browell, J.H. Crawford, J.P. Digangi,
C. Sweeney, M.J. McGill, J. Dobler, J.D. Barrick, and A.R. Nehrir. 2018. ACT-America: L3 Merged In Situ Atmospheric
Trace Gases and Flask Data, Eastern USA. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

Miles, N.L., S.J. Richardson, D.K. Martins, K.J. Davis, T. Lauvaux, B.J. Haupt, and S.K. Miller. 2018. ACT-America: L2 In Situ CO2, CO,
and CH4 Concentrations from Towers, Eastern USA. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.