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NASA Applied Sciences Aviation Applications Program
ROSES Grants
Technical Monitoring Provided by ASAP

  1. NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and the NOAA Earth Science Research Laboratory (ESRL) are to enable the direct assimilation of ASAP cloud microphysical properties into the National Centers for Environmental Prediction’s Rapid Update Cycle (numerical weather prediction) model. The principal investigators for this project are Dr. Patrick Minnis of NASA LaRC and Dr. Stan Benjamin of the NOAA ESRL Global Systems Division. This is a 3-year grant awarded in 2005.

  2. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Wisconsin CIMSS to enhance the Graphical Turbulence Guidance decision support tool (DST) produced by the FAA AWRP’s Turbulence PDT for the NOAA Aviation Weather Ceneter’s Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS). The project is entitled, “Decision Support for Aircraft Avoidance of Convectively-Induced Turbulence Due to Thunderstorms”. This project has Dr. Robert Sharman (NCAR) as its principal investigator. This is 3-year grant awarded in 2005.

  3. University of Maryland – Baltimore County to enhance a number of volcanic ash DSTs with NASA AIRS and Aura/OMI observations. The project is entitled, “Near Real-time NASA Volcanic Cloud Data for NOAA, FAA and USGS Decision Support Systems.” This project has Dr. Arlin Krueger as its principal investigator. This is a 3-year grant awarded in 2005.

  4. National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Wisconsin CIMSS enhance the Oceanic Convective Weather Product developed by the FAA AWRP at NCAR. This is a 1-year project entitled “Oceanic Convective Weather Diagnosis and Nowcasting.” This project has Dr. Cathy Kessinger (NCAR) as its principal investigator.

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