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The DEVOTE project, a hands-on training initiative, is lead by a team of early career scientists and engineers who will not only gain mission experience, but will also contribute to the latest Earth science research through a field campaign.

The project Development and Evaluation of satellite ValidatiOn Tools by Experimenters (DEVOTE) was awarded funding in response to the Hands-On Project Experience (HOPE), an initiative funded jointly by the Office of Chief Engineer and the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

DEVOTE is aimed at improving the next generation of aerosol satellites.

Latest Mission Highlights
05.15.12 Data to be released to the public
11.15.11 End of project and all objectives successfully completed!
10.25.11 Transit flight (R12) to LaRC with coordinated spiral over Wallops AERONET
DEVOTE Flight, Air and Ground Depiction Graphic
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