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Our Team

Stuart Cooke John Hair Melissa Ashe Jennifer Keyes Mike Obland
Project Manager
Stuart Cooke
Principal Investigator
John Hair
Chief Engineer
Melissa Ashe
Systems Engineer
Jennifer Keyes
Project Scientist
Mike Obland

Andreas Beyersdorf Ray Rogers Luke Ziemba Melissa Yang Matteo Ottaviani
B-200 P/L Manager
Andreas Beyersdorf
UC12 P/L Manager
Ray Rogers
In-Situ Inst. Scientist
Luke Ziemba
DLH Inst. Scientist
Melissa Yang
RSP Inst. Scientist
Matteo Ottaviani

Gergely Dolgos Lindsay Rodgers Alene Arnott Erika Cherry Terry Clark
PI-Neph Inst. Scientist
Gergely Dolgos
Program Analyst
Lindsay Rogers
Contract Specialist
Alene Arnott
Systems Engineering
Erika Cherry
Engineering Design
Terry Clark

Mark Frye Lynn Hadley Darrell Wood Bobby Martin
SMA Lead
Mark Frye
Configuration Manager
Lynn Hadley
Schedule Analyst
Darrell Wood
Bobby Martin
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