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NASA Langley’s Flight Mission Support Center


NASA Langley's Flight Mission Support Center

The Flight Mission Support Center (FMSC) at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. is a key part of NASA’s vision to seek answers about out home planet by studying Earth from space.

Langley’s FMSC offers critical operations support for multiple airborne, balloon, and space-based projects. The state-of-the-art center provides leadership capabilities in training, planning, testing, monitoring, communications, and data collection.

Throughout all stages of a project’s lifecycle from planning to launch and activation, or entry, descent, and landing, the FMSC is a place where experts can work together to provide successful real-time solutions. The spacious facility houses data, video, and audio resources, creating a secure one-stop shop for NASA flight missions, the first of which will be Rad-X in 2015, followed by SAGE III/ISS in 2016.

Rules & Responsibilities

Rules and guidelines:

Please reserve usage of the room at FMSC.LARC.NASA.GOV/REQUEST

  1. Projects using the FMSC must supply their own SA support to configure the room for use. The SA support would work with the ISSO to make sure all equipment is compatible with IT security protocols.
  2. Projects must supply their own office supplies.
  3. The room must be kept clean and trash bins placed in the hall when full. Food garbage should be disposed of in the kitchenette, or the garbage should be placed in the hall.
  4. Once the project finishes with the room the room must be returned to its original configuration. (Projects should budget SA support for this activity too!)
  5. Network printers are in room 274 (behind the glass doors at end of hall) and room 207.
  6. While using room 210, the back conference room will be used by SAGE III for commanding purposes so alternate conference rooms need to be used for breakout meetings. Room 209 (EDS) is a good option
  7. Doors cannot be propped open! Security monitors these and an alarm is set off if propped open.
  8. If you need any network reconfigurations, please make these requests as early as possible, so that there is plenty of time for the changes to take effect.
  9. FMSC access is controlled through NAMS, and must be through NAMS request ACS-2102 Flight Mission Support (FMSC 210/212) or ID 233061. Please request this access as early as possible, to allow time for the process to complete.

Points of Contact

Contact 757-864-7777 (they will send you to the NICS POC, Custodian Lori Steinhau, End User Joseph Schrier) for any help with the audio video control panel located on the table near the white board. This control panel also is used for controlling the TVs on the walls.

Linda Goad, Facility Coordinator / Safety Head/ 757-506-4033/ MS 36/ Office 2102:144

Ronald Martin, Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) 757-232-3165

Operating Manual

NASA Langley's Flight Mission Support Center

Information regarding use of FMSC.

Customer Guide for Room 212.

Customer Guide for Room 210.

In case of a tornado, everyone in the FMSC Rooms 210 and 212 should move to the IDS Room 209.


Any additional queries can be addressed to the following personnel:

Science Directorate Branch Head
      David Macdonnell

SAGE3 on ISS Mission Operations Manager
      Jamie Nehrir

Software Engineer/Configuration Management/Systems Administration
      Jonathan Hicks