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Disclaimer: This material is being made available online for historical purposes. Though accurate at the time of original publication, it is no longer being updated.


Mission Implementation Leads

  • Program Scientists: Jay Al-Saadi & Paula Bontempi
  • Program Executive: Betsy Edwards
  • Mission Coordinator: Laura Iraci
  • Earth Systematic Missions Program Office (ESMPO) Representative: Angela Mason
  • Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) Representative: Karen Moe
  • NASA JPL: Bernie Bienstock
  • NASA LaRC: Doreen Neil
  • NASA GSFC: Kate Hartman

Science Working Group Leads

  • Atmospheric Science: Daniel Jacob (Harvard University) and David Edwards (NCAR)
  • Ocean Science: Antonio Mannino (NASA GSFC) & Joe Salisbury (University of New Hampshire)

GEO-CAPE Team Roster

(Roster Document version date: 09.30.2015)