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Science Directorate News & Features Archive

2022.05.22 : Langley Celebrates Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
2022.04.22 : SAGE III Observes ISS Contamination Environment
2022.04.20 : NASA Scientist Discovers New Means to Measure Snow Depth from Space
2022.04.06 : NASA, Australian Space Agency Collaborate on Earth Science
2022.02.17 : EOS Image Of The Day – Tonga Volcano Plume Reached the Mesosphere
2022.02.08 : SAGE III Instrument Detects Stratospheric Effects of Indonesian Volcanic Eruption
2022.01.12 : NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate
2021.12.15 : NASA POWER Team Issues Educational Tool for Potential Users
2021.12.07 : Twenty Years On, SABER on TIMED Still Observing the Upper Atmosphere
2021.12.01 : TEMPO Air Pollution Sensor Integrated with Satellite Host
2021.11.09 : Enhanced Stratospheric Aerosols from Fukutoku-Okanoba Eruption
2021.11.08 : NASA Tests Sustainable Aviation Fuel Emissions
2021.11.01 : NASA Langley Researcher Accepted into STEM Leadership Program
2021.10.27 : Langley Group Part of Award-winning Team
2021.10.22 : Playing with Fire: Life in An Increasingly Flammable World
2021.10.06 : Reading, Writing, and Remote Sensing: NASA Earth Observing Data Go to School
2021.10.04 : NASA Langley Intern Brings Teaching Expertise to Earth Science Project
2021.09.21 : NASA Study Examines Houston-area Air Quality Issues
2021.09.01 : CLARREO Pathfinder Power Converter Unit Completed
2021.08.19 : NASA POWER Project Powers Up with New Version
2021.08.17 : Studying Earth’s Stratospheric Water Vapor
2021.08.10 : Become an Armchair Cloud Expert and Help NASA Scientists Along the Way.
2021.08.10 : Siberia endures ‘nasty burning’ amid worst fire season in decades.
2021.07.30 : Transformative Tech to Measure Earth’s Energy Budget.
2021.06.25 : NASA Maps Air Quality in Ozone Hot Spot.
2021.06.15 : Joint NASA, NOAA Study Finds Earth’s Energy Imbalance Has Doubled.
2021.05.21 : TEMPO Air Pollution Sensor Treks Toward Satellite Integration.
2021.05.10 : Langley Scientists Observe Storm Clouds in 3D — You Can, Too.
2021.05.05 : Smoke in the Stratosphere
2021.04.29: Langley Scientists Eyeing New Way to Measure Key Climate Indicator
2021.04.22: Earth Day 2021 Virtual Event (2021 Earth Day Science Directorate YouTube Presentations Collection)
2021.03.18: SAGE III Carries on Critical Measurements of Stratospheric Aerosols and Ozone
2021.02.25: Langley Scientist Participates in Arizona SciTech Panel Discussion
2021.02.04: ACTIVATE Begins Year Two of Marine Cloud Study
2021.01.12 : Sensing Our Earth from Above