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Aimée Amin (Contractor)

Title: Internal Communications Lead/Graphic Designer
Technical Focus Area: Science Communication
Study Topics: Graphics, Presentations, Key Activities, SMD Highlights, SMD Monthly Status Review, Social Media, Outreach Products, Web Content, Social Content


Aimee Amin provides support to the Science Directorate in various forms. She provides graphics support for presentations, posters, outreach materials, websites, factsheets, logos and social media posts. Aimee also manages the internal communications for the directorate in the form of weekly key activity reports, SMD highlights, monthly status review presentations, All-Hands presentations, the Science Directorate website, and the Directorate’s Annual Report. She also provides support in curating content for presentations and hyperwall talks for conferences. Aimee employs a can-do attitude and is always ready to delve into something new.


  • NASA Group Achievement Award: NAAMES
  • NASA Group Achievement Award: ACT-America
  • Performance Award: RaD-X

Education/Professional Experience:

  • B.A. Political Science, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008

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Cooking, playing with my daughter, spending time with my family, traveling, makeup, weightlifting, orangetheory, reading and dancing

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