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Amy Jo Scarino (Contractor)

Title: Lidar Data Analyst
Technical Focus Area: Lidar Science
Study Topics: Aerosol-derived mixed layer heights ocean lidar retrievals
Mission/Project: HSRL


Data Analyst for airborne HSRL team since 2009. Responsible for processing both atmosphere and ocean data sets for airborne field missions, as well as research applications to lidar measurements. Operational meteorologist for NAAMES (2015-2018) and ACTIVATE (current) EVS missions.

Publication Bibliography:


  • Scarino, A. J., Obland, M. D., Fast, J. D., Burton, S. P., Ferrare, R. A., Hostetler, C. A., Berg, L. K., Lefer, B., Haman, C., Hair, J. W., Rogers, R. R., Butler, C., Cook, A. L., and Harper, D. B.: Comparison of mixed layer heights from airborne high spectral resolution lidar, ground-based measurements, and the WRF-Chem model during CalNex and CARES, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 5547-5560, doi:10.5194/acp-14-5547-2014, 2014.


  • NASA Early Career Public Achievement Medal

Education/Professional Experience:

  • B.S., Penn State University

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