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Bryan Fabbri (Contractor)

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science, Lidar Science, Applied Science, Air Quality & Weather
Mission/ProjectCERES/Ceres Radiation and Validation Experiment (CRAVE)
Study Topics: Surface Radiation, Meteorology, Aerosol observations, Lidar instrumentation, Calibration, Surface Site Installations


Maintained CRAVE-CERES Ocean Validation Experiment (CRAVE-COVE) for over 16 years which unfortunately was closed due to structural concerns. Assisted in the establishment of CRAVE-Langley Research Center, operational since Dec. 2014 and CRAVE-Granite Island, operational since July 2018 and nearly autonomous. All 3 sites are part of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network, AERONET, and are surface validation sites for satellites such as CERES. CRAVE-COVE and CRAVE-LRC are part of MPLNET. Bryan assists in the calibration, data analysis and installation of instrumentation, as well as maintain power and communications.

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  • American Geophysical Union

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Golf, softball, basketball, Pittsburgh and WVU sports, gardening, travel and spending time with friends, family and our cat