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Carla Grune (Contractor)

Title: Senior Programmer
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science
Study Topics: Database Programmer (Postgres, Mysql, Phinx)
Mission/Project: CERES


As a database programmer, I develop and maintain the CERES Production Request Database, PRDB (PostgreSQL, Phinx) and CERES Production Monitoring Database, PMDB (MySQL). The CERES PRDB contributes to the CERES PR-Tool web application which supplies data to and processes data from CATALYST. The CERES PMDB contributes to the CERES Ordering Tool web application, Data Products Availability page. In addition, I support the CERES Instruments Operations web application database (MySQL).


  • NASA Group Achievement Award – CERES PR-Tool CATALYST Project

Education/Professional Experience:

  • M.S., Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University
  • B.A., Mathematics, Pfeiffer College

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Gardening, walking, volunteering, laughing, listening to music, watching basketball, and last but not least spending time with my family, friends, and my dog.

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