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Daniel Zhou (NASA)

Title: Physical Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Atmospheric Composition, Chemistry & Dynamics, Flight Projects, Applied Science, Air Quality & Weather, Airborne Science 
Study Topic: Ultraspectral infrared remote sensing for atmosphere and surface


Dr. Daniel Zhou is a research scientist within the Science Directorate of NASA Langley Research Center. Dr. Zhou has comprehensive experience in atmospheric remote sensing data processing, modeling, validation, and application. He has worked on numerous programs, such as CIRRIS-1A, SPIRIT III, SABER, NAST-I, AIRS, GIFTS, IASI, and CrIS. His work includes shuttle contamination radiated spectra analyses, shuttle contaminant water background level modeling, the non-LTE retrieval algorithm development for mesospheric ozone and water vapor, trace gas profile retrieval from limb measurements, measurement strategies development for optimum sensor usage, and real time assessment for sensor performance. His experience also includes meteorological and trace gas profile retrieval from remote-sensed nadir measurements, cloud and/or surface parameters and thermodynamic parameter simultaneous retrieval from ultraspectral infrared measurements, as well as retrieved parameter analyses and validation. Dr. Zhou is the key author of NAST-I retrieval algorithm. Currently, Dr. Zhou is the Principal Investigator for NAST-I. Dr. Zhou has published numerous peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Zhou has received many awards such as NASA Superior Accomplishment Award, NASA Performance Award, NASA Group Achievement Award, and NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.

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