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Guillaume Gronoff (Contractor)

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science, Chemistry & Dynamics, Planetology, Exobioliogy, Ioinizing Radiation
Mission/Project/GroupLMOL/TOLNET, NAIRAS, Living Breathing Planet, Prebiotic Chemistry
Study TopicsTropospheric Ozone monitoring using the Langley Mobile Ozone Lidar (LMOL), cosmic ray impact simulations at aicraft altitudes, planetary upper atmospheres and escape and impact on planetary habitability, photochemistry of early atmosphere irradiated by SEP events


Guillaume Gronoff got his PhD from Unniversité Joseph Fourier in Grenoble in 2009. After a Postdoc at Langley, he was hired at SSAI for supporting NAIRAS and LMOL.

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