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Jonathan Gleason (NASA)

Title: Head, Climate Science Branch
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science, Applied Science, Computer Science
Missions/ProjectsCERES/Radiation Budget Science Project, CLARREO Pathfinder, POWER, ARCSTONE, DEMETER, SatCORPS
Study Topics: Computer Science, Data Science, Data Management


Jonathan started his NASA career as an intern with the DEVELOP program where he served in several capacities ranging from student intern to Lead for Technology and Information Systems. Later Jonathan joined the Climate Science Branch where he served as the Lead for the CERES Data Management Team. In this capacity Jonathan led a team of software developers, test engineers and scientists to streamline the production and validation of CERES data products that make up the Earth Radiation Budget climate data record. He led the design and development of the CATALYST software that automated the CERES data processing and significantly improved throughput and product latency. Jonathan served as the Data Systems Lead for the CERES FM5 project during observatory integration and early on-orbit operations phases. He subsequently provided similar support for the CERES FM6 instrument and served as data systems lead for the Radiation Budget Instrument project. In February 2018 Jonathan was selected to serve as the Asst. Branch Head for the Climate Science Branch. He was selected to serve as Branch Head in March 2020 and immediately led the transition to full-time teleworking status during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to his responsibilities at work, Jonathan is an avid camper and outdoorsman who enjoys hiking and spending time with his family.


  • NASA’s Early Career Achievement Medal


Cold weather camping

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