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Kevin Leavor (Contractor)

Title: Lead Research Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Atmospheric Composition, Lidar Science
Study Topics: Aerosols, Stratosphere, Troposphere, Atmospheric Chemistry, Pyrocumulus events, Data Fusion, Data Visualization
Mission/Project: SAGE III/ISS


Kevin joined SSAI and the SAGE III/ISS team in 2013 following the successful defense of his dissertation, “Noise Reduction in Lidar Signals Using Thresholded Empirical Mode Decomposition: Analysis and Applications,” under the tutelage of Pat McCormick at Hampton University. Kevin is primarily interested in the formation, injection, transport, and evolution of aerosols in the stratosphere and troposphere and the visualization of those data used to tell the scientific story to the scientific community and public. As part of the SAGE III/ISS team, Kevin provides rapid analysis of active aerosol loading events, interactive data visualizations, and multi-instrument contextualization. His other areas of scientific interest include the application of machine learning algorithms to atmospheric science data, statistical modeling and validation, and time series analysis, particularly for non-linear and/or non-stationary systems.


  • Early Career Public Achievement Medal

Education/Professional Experience:

  • Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Hampton University, 2013

  • B.A., Physics, Washington and Jefferson College, 2007

  • B.A., Mathematics, Washington and Jefferson College, 2007
  • B.A., Music, Washington and Jefferson College, 2007


Kevin is the proud owner of a menagerie of pets including cats, a dog and parrots; he enjoys both board and digital gaming; appreciates the outdoors through running, hiking, camping and biking; reading non-fiction, science fiction, and fantasy; and immerses in music ranging from John Cage to Miles Davis, Tool to T.Rex, and symphonic soundtracks to electronic dance.

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