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Norman G. Loeb (NASA)

Title: Senior Technologist for Radiation Sciences
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science
Mission/Project: CERES
Study Topics: Earth Radiation Budget, Climate Variability, Clouds, Climate Model Evaluation, Aerosol Radiative Forcing


Dr. Norman Loeb is the NASA Senior Technologist for Radiation Sciences. He also serves as the NASA Principal Investigator for Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) and is a Commissioner of the International Radiation Commission (Co-Leader of the Earth Radiation Budget Working Group). He is a panel member on the World Climate Research Programme CLIVAR (CLImate and ocean – VARiability, predicability, and change) research focus team on Planetary heat balance & ocean heat storage. Dr. Loeb is a fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

Publication Bibliography:

Select Publications:

  • Loeb, N. G., D. R. Doelling, 2020: CERES Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) from Afternoon-Only Satellite Orbits. Remote Sensing, 12(8), 1280.
  • Loeb, N. G., F. G. Rose, S. Kato, D. A. Rutan, W. Su, H. Wang, D. R. Doelling, W. L. Smith, A. Gettelman, 2020: Toward a Consistent Definition between Satellite and Model Clear-Sky Radiative Fluxes. J. Climate, 33(1), 61-75.
  • Loeb, N. G., H. Wang, R. P. Allan, T. Andrews, K. Armour, J. N. S. Cole, J. Dufresne, P. Forster, A. Gettelman, H. Guo, T. Mauritsen, Y. Ming, D. Paynter, C. Proistosescu, M. F. Stuecker, U. Willén, K. Wyser, 2020: New Generation of Climate Models Track Recent Unprecedented Changes in Earth’s Radiation Budget Observed by CERES. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(5), e2019GL086705.
  • Loeb, N. G., H. Wang, F. G. Rose, S. Kato, W. L. Smith, S. Sun-Mack, 2019: Decomposing Shortwave Top-of-Atmosphere and Surface Radiative Flux Variations in Terms of Surface and Atmospheric Contributions. J. Climate, 32(16), 5003–501.
  • Loeb, N. G., D. R. Doelling, H. Wang, W. Su, C. Nguyen, J. G. Corbett, L. Liang, C. Mitrescu, F. G. Rose, S. Kato, 2018: Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) Top-of-Atmosphere (TOA) Edition 4.0 Data Product. J. Climate, 31(2), 895–918.
  • Loeb, N. G., T. J. Thorsen, J. R. Norris, H. Wang, W. Su, 2018: Changes in Earth’s Energy Budget during and after the “Pause” in Global Warming: An Observational Perspective. Climate, 6(3), 62.
  • Loeb, N. G., P. Yang, F. G. Rose, G. Hong, S. Sun-Mack, P. Minnis, S. Kato, S. Ham, W. L. Smith, S. Hioki, G. Tang, 2018: Impact of Ice Cloud Microphysics on Satellite Cloud Retrievals and Broadband Flux Radiative Transfer Model Calculations. J. Climate, 31(5), 1851–1864.
  • Loeb, N. G., H. Wang, L. Liang, S. Kato, F. G. Rose, 2017: Surface energy budget changes over Central Australia during the early 21st century drought. International Journal of Climatology, 37(1), 159–168.
  • Loeb, N. G., N. Manalo-Smith, W. Su, M. Shankar, S. Thomas, 2016: CERES Top-of-Atmosphere Earth Radiation Budget Climate Data Record: Accounting for in-Orbit Changes in Instrument Calibration. Remote Sensing, 8(3), 182.
  • Loeb, N. G., H. Wang, A. Cheng, S. Kato, J. T. Fasullo, K. Xu, R. P. Allan, 2016: Observational constraints on atmospheric and oceanic cross-equatorial heat transports: revisiting the precipitation asymmetry problem in climate models. Climate Dynamics, 46(9-10), 3239-3257.

Virtual Presentation:


  • 2020 NASA Langley Science Directorate Lawrence Award
  • 2016 American Meteorological Society Fellow
  • 2013 NASA Distinguished Service Medal
  • 2012 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal
  • 2011 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
  • 2009 William T. Pecora Award (Group Award)
  • 2007 Editor’s Award, American Meteorlogical Society

Professional Memberships:

  • American Meteorological Society
  • American Geophysical Union


  • B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Atmospheric Sciences, McGill University
  • M.Sc. degree in Atmospheric Sciences, York University

National/International Leadership:

Commissioner of the International Radiation Commission (Co-Leader of the Earth Radiation Budget Working Group)