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Rob Ryan (Contractor)

Title: Research/Computer Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science, Lidar Science, Applied Science, Computer Science
Mission/Project: CALIPSO
Study Topics: Clouds and Aerosols, Lidar Science, Computer Science


Rob became interested in science in high school. He received an Associates of Applied Science in Marine Technology in 1999, and then worked in the SCUBA industry for many years before returning to education to earn a Bachelor of Applied Physics in 2013 and a Master on Applied Science in Computer Science in 2015. In 2015, he was offered a position with SSAI working at NASA’s Langley Research Center with CALIPSO and he hasn’t looked back. While educated in Physics and Computer Science, he dabbles in dozens of hobbies ranging from robotics, remote controlled vehicles, and electrical engineering, to wood working, handy man repair, music and the arts. He takes pride in being able to call himself a ‘jack of many trades.’