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Roman Kowch (Contractor)

Title: Staff Research Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Atmospheric Composition, Lidar Science, Applied Science, Air Quality & Weather, Airborne Science, 3-D Visualization Applications
Study Topics: Atmospheric data programming, visualization, meteorology, aerosol-cloud interactions, geostationary satellite data analysis, lidar data analysis
Mission/Project: CALIPSO


Roman is a science data programmer and analyst with SSAI. He designs tools for satellite data analysis and visualization, primarily to link atmospheric phenomena depicted on passive (GEO or LEO) imagery with CALIPSO. Recently he served as a remote sensing specialist for the CAMP2EX field mission, providing forecast products for coordinating flights with satellite overpasses. He is also investigating aerosol-cloud interactions with data acquired during CAMP2EX. Roman is a graduate of MIT, where he received MS and BS degrees in atmospheric science. He also enjoys visiting relatives in Michigan and fulfilling his interests in weather, nature, music, and electronics.

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Computer and electronics projects, weather instruments, weather forecasting, gardening, cooking, music, running and weights.

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