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Sharon Burton (NASA)

Title: Research Physical Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Lidar Science, Airborne Science
Study Topics: Aerosol, atmospheric lidar measurements, high spectral resolution lidar
Mission/Project: HSRL


Sharon Burton has been a Research Physical Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center since 2010 and prior to that on contract to LaRC through SAIC (1997-2006) and SSAI (2006-2010). Since 2006, Sharon Burton has performed science and analysis on airborne lidar measurements, particularly High Spectral Resolution Lidar. She is the lead developer of the HSRL aerosol classification algorithm and analysis. She manages a working group on microphysical retrievals from HSRL lidar and RSP polarimeter data, to develop advanced retrievals, validate and characterize their sensitivity, and inform future satellite missions. She has participated on seven NASA field campaigns with the Langley airborne lidar group, most recently the CAMP2EX campaign. She participates in various collaborations using HSRL data for aerosol and cloud investigations and to validate models and instrument retrievals. Ms. Burton received the Best Oral Presentation award at the 9th International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling, a NASA Exceptional Achievement Award, and the Lawrence Award (LaRC Science Directorate best paper of the year). She has 57 published papers, 10 as first author.

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