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Wan Wu (SSAI)

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Technical Focus Areas: Climate Science, Chemistry & Dynamics 
Study Topics: CLARREO Pathfinder inter-calibration algorithm development, Hyper-spectral remote sensing
Mission/Project: CLARREO Pathfinder


Dr. Wan Wu received his PhD of Physics from the University of Florida in 2007. After he joined Science Systems and Applications, Inc. in 2007, he has worked on various hyperspectral sounder projects including Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS), In-Situ Net Flux within the Atmosphere of the Earth (INFLAME), Cross-track Infrared Sounder /Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (CrIS/ATMS), Infrared Atmospheric Sounding interferometer (IASI), and NPOESS Aircraft Sounding Testbed-Interferometer (NAST-I). He has been the software developer for both the Principal Component based Radiative Transfer Model (PCRTM) and the PCRTM based physical retrieval algorithm. He has developed the synergistic physical retrieval algorithm that uses both PCRTM and the Community Radiative Transfer Model (CRTM) to retrieve geophysical properties from combined infrared and microwave measurements. He has also worked on defining the CLARREO instrument calibration requirement and the development of the angular correction algorithm for the CLARREO pathfinder inter-calibration team.


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