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Xiaomei Lu (Contractor)

Title: Research Scientist
Technical Focus Areas: Lidar Science
Mission/Project: CALIPSO, ICESat-2
Study Topics: Ocean optical properties retrievals from space lidars: CALIOP/CALIPSO and ATLAS/ICESat-2. The ocean-aerosol-cloud-solar radiance interactions, especially over polar regions.


Dr. Xiaomei Lu is an early-career research scientist at SSAI/NASA Langley Research Center. She is a member of the CALIPSO Science Team and leads the development of innovative uses of CALIPSO data for vegetation, bathymetry, and cryosphere studies. Dr. Lu’s scientific journal article of ocean subsurface studies with CALIPSO spaceborne lidar (Xiaomei Lu et al, 2014 JGR Oceans) had been selected as an AGU Research Spotlight: Hacking a Climate Satellite to See Beneath the Ocean’s Surface. She was interviewed by NASA’s social media team at the AGU conference on December 11th 2019 and a write-up on her research work of Antarctic ocean biology appeared on the NASA Ice Twitter. Dr. Lu has developed advanced ocean subsurface optical properties retrieval algorithms using ICESat-2 lidar measurements (Xiaomei Lu et al, 2020 RSE). She is currently serving as PI on NASA ROSES CloudSat and CALIPSO Science Team Recompete proposal for development of innovative uses of CALIPSO data, and studies with ICESat-2 proposal for oceanic processes in the Southern Ocean.

Publication Bibliography:

Select Publications/Reports:

  • Xiaomei Lu, Y. Hu, Y. Yang, et al. 2020. “Antarctic spring ice-edge blooms observed from space by ICESat-2.” Remote Sensing of Environment, 245: 111827 [10.1016/j.rse.2020.111827]
  • Xiaomei Lu, Y. Hu, and, “Observations of Arctic snow and sea ice cover from CALIOP lidar measurements.” Remote Sensing of Environment 194: 248-263, (2017).
  • Xiaomei Lu, Y . Hu, and, “Retrieval of ocean subsurface particulate backscattering coefficient from space-borne CALIOP lidar measurements.” Optics Express 24(25): 29001-29008, (2016)


  • 2020, NASA Honor Award, Early Career Public Achievement Medal Award.
  • 2019, NASA Honor Award, Group Achievement Award, NAAMES study team.
  • 2019, Performance Award, SSAI.
  • 2018, Publication Award, SSAI.
  • 2015, Best Presentation Award, ISALSaRS’15, Wuhan, China.

Professional Memberships:

  • CALIPSO/CloudSat Science Team Member
  • ICESat-2 Science Team Member

Education/Professional Experience:

  • PI 2019-2022, CloudSat and CALIPSO Sicence Team, NASA, The development of innovative uses of CALIPSO data.
  • PI 2021-2024, ICESat-2 Science Team, NASA, Investigations of sea ice and oceanic processes in the Southern Ocean from ICESat-2 mission.
  • Co-I 2016-2019, CloudSat and CALIPSO Sicence Team, NASA, Developing CALIOP Ocean subsurface data records.
  • Co-I 2015-2018, OCO-2 Sicence Team, NASA, CALIPSO observations in support of OCO-2 validations.

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