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Yongxiang Hu (NASA)

Title: Research Scientist
Technical Focus Areas: Climate Science, Lidar Science
Mission/Project: CALIPSO
Study Topics: Clouds, Ocean, Snow


My expertise:
1. radiative transfer theory and modeling for lidar and passive remote sensing
2. lidar measurements of cloud properties
3. lidar measurements of ocean surface and ocean subsurface properties
4. lidar measurements of snow properties
5. climate modeling and analysis using satellite data
6. development of snow profiling lidar
7. development and remote sensing application of photonic chips
Author/co-author of more than 240 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, 1 book and 3 patents

Publication Bibliography:

Notable Awards:

  1. NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal in 2023, for the lidar remote sensing of the Earth system.
  2. NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal in 2008, for the discovery of super-resolution altimetry concept using profiling lidar measurement
  3. Winner of 2006 Inaba Prize, for the discovery of the theoretical relationship between lidar multiple scattering and depolarization


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