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go to ASAP homepage ASAP - Advanced Satellite Aviation-weather Products

      Langley's aeronautics heritage and excellence in atmospheric research provides the perfect environment for NASA’s Advanced Satellite Aviation-Weather Products (ASAP) Project. ASAP applications for convective weather, volcanic ash clouds, in-flight icing and turbulence. These applications are being integrated into aviation weather operations by the FAA and NOAA and will eventually be used by the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Network-Enabled Weather (NNEW) System to enable pilots, dispatchers and controllers to manage and mitigate the effects of future weather hazards and constraints during high traffic density operations. ASAP has recently expanded its scope to tackle new challenges in space weather and the impacts of aviation on climate and air quality.

go to WISC IDEA homepage IDEA - Infusing satellite Data into Environmental Applications

      IDEA or Infusing satellite Data into Environmental Applications is a NASA Langley applications project that seeks to improve the assessment, prediction, and real-time decision-making tools of the air quality management community for the protection of public health and the environment.

go to HSRL homepage POWER - Prediction Of World Energy Resource

      Within the NASA Earth Science Applied Sciences Program, the Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) project, formerly the Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) project, collaborates with other government and private organizations to provide NASA quality research satellite/modeling data products for societal benefits. The POWER Project specifically targets those who are involved in the research and analysis of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies to support both feasibility and monitoring analysis for energy and building systems. The data products also support agriculture applications and additional societal benefit areas such as health.

DEVELOP DEVELOP - Applied Sciences - Human Capital Development

      DEVELOP is a NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences Program that fosters human capital development to extend NASA science research to local communities. Students demonstrate to community leaders prototype applications of NASA science measurements and predictions addressing local policy issues. The activities are student led, with advisors and mentors from NASA and other partner organizations.