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Zachary Eitzen (Contractor)

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Technical Focus Area: Climate Science
Study Topics: Longwave angular distribution models, analysis of cloud properties
Mission/Project: CERES ADM Working Group


I grew up in Maryland, near Washington, DC. I developed an early interest in meteorology, and ultimately pursued a graduate school education in atmospheric sciences at Colorado State University, with Prof. David Randall as my advisor. There, I did research on the Asian summer monsoon using a general circulation model, and then I examined vertically-propagating gravity waves with a cloud-resolving model. In 2001, I came to Langley to do research using CERES data, including cloud objects, flux-by-cloud-type data, and helping to construct longwave angular distribution models.


  • Received two Certificates of Excellence for winning solutions through the NASA@Work platform.
    • Awarded winning solution for a “NASA Center Mobile Application” by NASA’s Chief Technologist.
    • Awarded winning solution for “Communicating with NSA Employees About the Asteroid Grand Challenge” by NASA’s Deputy Administrator.
  • Agency Honor Group Achievement Awards for contributions to the Earth Right Now Campaign Team, NAAMES, ACT-America and DISCOVER-AQ teams.

Notable Publications