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Instruments & Platforms

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Key Instruments and Platforms involved in this mission
P-3B Instruments
LARGE [PDF] (Anderson) [aerosols]
PDS [PDF] (Barrick) [met,nav]
TD LIF (Cohen) [NO2, HNO3, PNs, ANs]
DLH [PDF] (Diskin) [H2O]
DACOM [PDF] (Diskin) [CO, CH4]
DFGAS [PDF] (Fried) [CH2O]
Chemiluminescence [PDF] (Weinheimer) [O3, NO2, NO, NOy]
PTR-MS [PDF] (Wisthaler) [non-methane hydrocarbons]
AVOCET [PDF] (Vay) [CO2]
King Air Instruments
HSRL (Hostetler) [aerosol profiles]
ACAM [PDF] (Janz) [column O3, NO2, CH2O]
Ground Instrumentation
PANDORA [PDF] (Herman) [column O3, NO2, CH2O]
Lidar [PDF] (Hoff) [aerosol profiles]
AERONET [PDF] (Holben)
NATIVE [PDF] (Thompson) [O3, CO, NO, NOy]
Tethered Balloon (Clark)
Beltsville – HU Research Site [PDF] (Joseph)
MDE Ambient Air Monitoring Network [PDF] (Hains)