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HSRL Program News & Links


Scouting out Aerosols in Oklahoma

Slicing through the atmosphere from 28,000 feet, High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL)from NASA’s Langley Research Center can see some of the smallest atmospheric particles,including natural and human-made components.+ Read More

Clearing the Air: NASA and the EPA Work to Understand the Quality of the Air We Breathe

Using advanced instruments — in the air, on the ground, and in space — EPA and NASA researchers are studying air quality.+ Read More

NOAA Leads Major Air Quality Research Effort in East Texas and Gulf of Mexico

During August 21 through September 30, 2006; more than 200 scientists, five aircraft,NOAA’s premier research ship, and an array of land and sea-based sensors converged in east Texasand the northwestern Gulf of Mexico to observe the area’s pollution levels and assessthe impact on air quality and regional and global climate.+ Read More

Mexico City Field Campaign to Study Megacity Pollution

An international team of atmospheric scientists go in to the field to study the downwind effectsof pollution from megacities on global and regional climate, eco-systems, and air quality.+ Read More

NASA Embarks On International Study Of Air Pollution Flowing Into U.S. From Abroad

In Mexico City, a team of researchers from NASA and other institutions have kicked off the first phase of one of themost complex field campaigns ever undertaken in atmospheric chemistry.+ Read More

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